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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  September 25, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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said enough. we're proud to work in these jobs. and they know that it's not about republican or democrat. it's who stood with them at crunch time. and i was with them. >> joe donnelly, good to have you with us on "the ed show." that's the "the ed show." i'm ed shultz. the "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. good evening, thank you. ooers the newest data on the state of the election in two of the swingiest of the swing states. ohio and florida, new data out today. "the washington post" putting out new numbers showing president obama ahead by eight points in iowa and four points in florida. while the swing state map is what everybody is watching the swing states are the most important to keep an eye on because that's where you wrap up the votes that allow you to win the election, there's new national polling now for what it's worth. there's new polling every day.
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the republican leaning poll is out with their new national numbers today. their national tracking poll putting president obama up by one point nationally. the gallup tracking poll putting president obama up by three points today nationally. that's in big picture perspective of what's going on in the presidential race. for an even bigger picture perspective on those national numbers, i should point out to you that of the last 20 national presidential polls, of the 20 national polls taken in the month of september, every single one of those it 20 polls shows president obama winning nationally. the range varies from one point up to eight points in some other polls. but 20 straight national polls showing president obama ahead. that's what you call a trend. now whether or not that trend is depressing to republicans or whether it fires them up to try
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to do better for their candidate, honestly the wisdom is that one of the most consequential things that can happen because of polling like thrks one of the the things that polling can cause is that it can have a fatal affect on fundraising. it's interesting. had a big picture review of the romney campaign struggl struggles. it included this piece ever since they published it. quote, to get a flavor of the challenge before them, one top donor said that after mitt romney spoke at a fundraising breakfast on friday, a will-mitt win poll was taken at a table of ten men who paid to attend that fundraiser. so at their table of ten men, they asked each other, will mitt win? of the ten men, not a single man
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said yes. of ten active mitt romney supporters who were actively supporting him at that moment with their money, zero said he will win. and they admit to that at the fundraiser. that's not a phenomenon that can last a super long time. you don't get to sit around at $2500 a plate fundraisers talking about how your guy is going to lose. eventually you're going to stop going to those fundraisers. you will stop throwing good money after bad. luckily for the romney campaign, there is a solution to this potential problem that can be caused by polling. this potential fundraising campaign death spiral. there's a way around it. a new argument emerged about the polling that says that mitt romney is losing the race and losing badly in the new polls, yes, but the new argument on the right is that the polls are all wrong.
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mathematically. even the fox news poll. they are all unfairly skewed to make it look like obama is winning when, in fact, that's not the case. the new argument on the right is that if you reconfigure all of the mainstream polls to unskew if i them to make them be less liberal, they don't look like this anymore with 20 straight polls for obama. instead they look like this. hey, yeah, that's way better. mitt romney is actually winning all of the recent polls that you thought president obama was winning. the guy who did this it neat trick, the unskewing of the polling so mitt romney wins in every one instead of losing in every one, that guy explained his methodology to the folks at buzz feed saying he created this new romney-always-wins polling site, quote, after reading a "washington post" poll that just didn't look right noting that the polling had sampled more democrats than republicans. sampling more democrats than
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republicans. hm, that sounds like a reasonable argument. everybody might have reason to be suspicious of the polls showing president obama lead in if, in fact, pollsters are systemically oversampling democrats when doing their polling. that's not what pollsters are doing. they are not going out and looking for too many democrats for their polls in order to fill some quota to get the liberal result they want. pollsters polling the swing states are finding more people calling themselves democrats in those swing states because there are more people calling themselves democrats in the swing states. it's not a biassed look at the states. it's a look at the states that show the states have a democratic bias. that's why president obama is winning there. the electrorates are leaning democratic.
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just to create a whole new fantasy electorate to replace the real electorate because you don't like what the real electorate seems poised to do. trying to turn the polls themselves into a controversy. i was amazed when this happened. today it moved on from being a source of skrept conservative psychological comfort. it moved out of those corners of the internet to being the official line of the romney campaign itself. mid-afternoon today, the romney campaign started leaking news that they say their internal polling data doesn't really have them losing ohio at all. they say, yes, yes, the polls show them losing ohio, but their internal romney polls show mr. romney specially tied in ohio. at least they show romney inside the margin of error in ohio. but again, they are not releasing this magical internal polling data. they are saying that's what it
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says. kind of like the summary of mitt romney's tax returns. if it's true they have internal polling data doing great in ohio, just in the interest of their donors, shouldn't they release those numbers? this isn't a magic thing. this isn't a hypothetical thing. in a real poll, which we can see the data for, we can see not only that it in ohio, president obama is up by eight, we can see why president obama is up by eight in ohio. that "washington post" poll out today has other data in it including the fact that 36% of all ohio voters say they have been contacted by the obama campaign. that contacted by the campaign number is seven points lower in term ls of the romney campaign. the obama campaign is doing it better. they are talking to more voters in ohio. that's making a difference. the hill today reporting that it's not just ohio. the obama campaign has double the number of field staff as the romney campaign and in a number
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of key swing state, the obama folks have twice the number of field offices. "the l.a. times" looked at the payroll numbers. they find the obama campaign is employing twice the number of staff as the the romney campaign last month at about the same cost. there are twice as many people working on the obama campaign if you exclude the $200,000 the romney campaign paid out in bonuses to its campaign officials last month, the romney's payroll number was still roughly the same as president obama's even though president obama had double the number of boots on the ground. fewer romney staff e but they get paid a lot more. there's a reason president obama is ahead in the last 20 national polls. there's a reason he's up by eight in the latest "washington post" poll in ohio. his campaign is doing more and whichever way you skint at the data, president obama is winning his effort at reelection.
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now is when you see the signs of desperation. there are two kinds of political desperation. there's the aboveground december separation, inventing a whole new polling method whereby your guy wins all the time instead of losing all the time because even fox news is in on the conspiracy to make it look like obama is winning, that's aboveground desperation. at least it's happening in the light of day where everybody can see it. here's what's happening a little below the surface on the right. this is what underground political desperation looks like 41 days before the election when the republican candidate is clearly losing. this is a web ad just been released by a conservative outside group accusing president obama of being in bed with the muslim brotherhood, which by the way, is trying to take over america. the group skponl for this ad says it's part of a $7 million
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online ad buy. $7 million, we spoke with this group to confirm the number because we couldn't believe it was that high. they assured us. this ad was part of a $7 million online ad buy. that's just in online distribution for this ad and a number of others like it. they will target voters online. whether it turns up on tv remains to be seen. tv ads are not in the works, but they are talking to donors about that possibility. but honestly, we shall die as mar tars, why mr. president? this kind of stuff usually functions better in the shadows than it does in the high-profile settings where it can be scrutinized more widely. another place for underground attacks associated with a lot of money is from our old friend ralph reid. "the new york times" reporting
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that reid and his faith and freedom coalition is set to pour $12 million into their campaign this year. andy kroll got his hands on what he was spending his money on. it's labeled as a 2012 voter registration confirmation survey. question one. how do you rate barack obama's overall performance as president so far? here are your choices. excellent, good, fair, poor, abysmal, undecided, or i consider him an enemy of liberty and the values that built our vaet great nation. a couple questions, there's an issue summary that you have to read. it's the statement of facts before you get to answer your question. here's the issue summary. the statement of facts. the anti-american communist dictator hew voe chavez calls
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barack obama comrade obama and believes president obama is to the left of himself and fidel castro. that's the issue summary. these are the the facts. now the question. when fidel castro hailed the passage of obama care as a miracle, do you think this is because he is honestly concerned with the well-being of americans or is it more likely that cost troe sees obama care as the fastest way to bring socialism to america? what do you think? how much danger do you think liberty is in as a result of president obama's policies, actions and agenda for america's future? it's how much. you have to kwuquantity fie thi. it could be all of these. more serious than the threats we faced in world war ii from naz si germany and the japanese because the attack on liberty today is from our own government. that's one choice. or, more serious than the threat
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we face from the soviet union during the cold war. or all of the above. or serious but not as serious as the threats to liberty listed above. for all the communist pollsters, that's one of the choices. you were asked if you will pledge right now on this survey to vote on november 6th if you are physically able to do so. you have to fill in the bubble saying you're swearing to do it and you have to sign your name there to verify your pledge. and also please send ralph reed some money. will you send your best emergency freedom saving donation right now? ralph reed is going to spend $12 million this election cycle. that's a lot of postage for hilarious polls. i'm sure ralph reed himself is doing well in terms of the cut
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he's taking for this surveying that he's doing, but $12 million even minus the considerable fee, that's got to be a lot of money. that's a lot of comparing president obama to hitler and please sign here if you understand it. and $7 million on the obama is inviting the muslim brotherhood to destroy america ad campaign? that's a lot of money, but this is what the campaign is going to start to look like from here on out. when the campaign gets tough, the campaigning gets weird and nasty and weirdly nasty. joining us is a distinguished senior fellow, bob, thank you for being here. a difficult survey, right? >> that's a great survey. >> my favorite part is your choices on how abysmal president obama is, his overall performance. after you get to abysmal, there's still lower choices for you. so underground tactics like
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this. this isn't quite the racist campaign flier under the windshield wiper in the church parking lot, but it's the digital age version of that. how do you know whether or not this stuff is going to work? >> the the first thing you need to to know about the gop is this is a party that needs professional counselling. they don't believe in evolution, they don't believe the president was born in this country. they don't believe the polls now. so now they are running these weird ads. but they are in fantasy land. they are going back to an era when these kinds of ads could get some traction. but it's the same old thing. it's presenting the candidate, the democratic candidate as the other. they think it's easier now because barack obama is african-american. so they present him as the other, the friend of the muslim brotherhood, the underlying here
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is that he's black. but the country has changed. it's not the same. so they are out of touch with what's going on in the country. and the second problem they have is the dem strask issue. the country has changed in terms of the makeup of the population. you know, we don't know what's going to happen with this election. it could still go either way. but if the republican party doesn't change its message and strategies and it's whole message, it's doomed because it can no longer function in what the united states has become. >> that issue about the legitimacy of the president and trying to other rise him, i found myself in reading the right-wing arguments, it's not just stuff from the blog world. it's definitely relatively respected republican pollsters starting to get on board. it made me start to think about
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let's say the election goes the way the polls say it's going to go. aren't they laying the groundwork to say he stole the lek? that his election is illegitima illegitimate? whether or not you think he's foreign, he couldn't possibly be a legitimate president for a second term. >> they are never going to acknowledge he's legitimately president. he can serve the full eight years. they are not going to acknowledge he was legitimate. but the question becomes, can it remain viable as a party? and the real problem that the republicans have, i mean the polls come after the fact. the polls are a reflection of what's going on in the united states. the real problem that the republicans have in this campaign is, they have a terrible candidate. mitt romney is not a good candidate. but potentially even bigger problem is that the electorate does not seem to be buying what the republicans are offering.
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when romney picked ryan as vice president, i said to my wife, i think romney may have lost the election here. the reason i said that was because by picking paul ryan, it opened up that argument of the republican party as extreme and the democrats just pounced on that as you would expect them to do. and the country does not want those extreme aspects of the republican party, those extreme right wing policies. they do realize that's what got us into this trouble both overseas with the war in iraq and also with the economy. and they are not going for it anymore. the republic no longer believes that the way to help middle class and low-income families is to give more money to the rich. so i thought that mitt romney would pivot to the middle. he decided not to do that. >> i feel like the country republicans people in the middle and on the left want a
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republican party that's essentially giving a good fight. so we can have a big hashed out discussion about how to fix our problems. i'll be talking more about that later in the show about something that's been left out of the campaign. but i think even the left is rooting for the republican party to get its act together. >> because we don't want one party. we want two viable parties. >> we want to benefit from somebody who is right winning a real debate. we're a long way off. thank you for being here. florida voters, i have something to tell you about your particular role in the election this year. in order to vote this year, you're going to have to read a slim novel of terrifying power. it's a short book, but it's book length. i will explain in a moment. my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d
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the nfl team in washington, d.c. has the nickname. you know that team right? we all call that team by its name all the time. do you ever think about that nickname? it's been well litigated. what if the equivalent word for jewish people or chinese people or any other ethnically-defined group of people were used as a nickname? a lot of colleges including syracuse and stanford and miami
6:24 pm
of ohio decided some time ago they would stop using words that mean native american as their sports mascots. but not the washington, d.c. pro football team. so we just live with it. also weird the republican race for senate in the great state of massachusetts. we reported here last night on how the highest profile senate rate in the country between scott brown and lelizabeth warrn has turned into a flat out racial campaign with the republican incumbent running against his challenger just straight up on the basis of race. everybody has been reporting on this campaign as if that fact about it is normal, but it's really not normal. it's not even normal in a country where we still have native american football mascots. the brown campaign running on race got worse today. it's hard to believe, but it did. that story is ahead. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it!
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reelection campaign of scott brown of massachusetts is not afraid of stunts. it's like an ann colter column. except it's a senate campaign. so for example, earlier this month on the anniversary of occupy wall street, scott brown's staffers went to an elizabeth warren event and tried to deliver this cake to her. get it it? elizabeth warren is like an occupy activist. so she gets a cake from scott brown. their stunt was trying to
6:29 pm
deliver this melting sheet cake. they were so proud to have it they tweeted a picture of themselves trying to pull off the stunt. there's a long history of people trying to provoke their opponents so they do something embarrassing or damaging. if they could have that reaction while someone is filming, that would be great. what i'm about to show you is not that. it's not run of the mill politics. it's not delivering an unappealing sheet cake to your opponent which you find hilarious. this is different. here's the context. at last week's debate between scott brown and elizabeth warren, senator brown right out of the gate, before anything was discussed, first thing scott brown attacked elizabeth warren for being native american because he says, she looks white to him. >> she checked the box claiming she was a native american. clearly, she's not.
6:30 pm
>> scott brown is also a one-man racial litmus test. don't know if your great grandmother was czech? ask scott brown. he can tell right away. he could count the number of white grandparents president obama had by look iing at his j line or his posture or something. i mean what he's saying here is that's not a native american. i mean, come on, look at her. and by the way, affirmative action, everybody freak out. >> i don't know and neither do the viewers know whether in fact she got ahead as a result of that checking of the box. >> how would senator brown know if he got ahead? he's an expert in her ethnic ancestry not on her career. that was on thursday. i can't understand why it didn't get more attention nationally. especially when the brown campaign followed it up with an
6:31 pm
ad repeating the same fake scandal, which is either that you should not vote for elizabeth warren because she's native american or that scott brown thinks she looks too white to be native american. that's the choice for what they are saying what the scandal is. the beltway press is incapable of giving scott brown attention of any kind of any subject, but the fact he's running a race-based reelection campaign has not been clear enough, now it has to be getting too clear to ignore. >> in between the time scott brown said that elizabeth warren looked too white to him to be a real native american, and the time he released a campaign ad attacking her for being native american, this happened. this is a scott brown rally on
6:32 pm
saturday. what you're looking at and hearing and recoiling from is five scott brown staffers and republican party operatives chanting fake war whoops that are supposed to sound native american-like. they are doing the move called the tomahawk chop to make fun of native americans. the abc affiliate in boston identified the staffers as the deputy chief of staff, state director for massachusetts, his special assistant and a massachusetts state republican party operative. he has his senate staff out there doing this. you pay their salary. this footage was originally posted by the blue mass group blog, but it's run throughout the boston media. he was asked about the tape. after turning down an offer to look at the footage, he says he doesn't condone this from his staff, but these are his staffers and this is his
6:33 pm
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this is what voting looked like in florida. students waiting in line for three hours at the university of tampa waiting so long they sat down in the hallway with their homework and at least they got to wait inside. at other polling places, voters wait outside in the rain. this is the last sunday before the election in 2008. people waited through lines that stretched for three city blocks. some people brought towels to help others dry off enough to vote. they brought sandwiches and pizzas, anything to get people to brave the long lines and vote. that was for early voting. the lines were still long on election day. one guy showed up at 6:10 in the morning and found 48 people in line ahead of him. good morning. you're number 50. enjoy the wait. that's how it went in 2008. last time florida voted. this is what the ballot looked like in 2008 in tampa. it's four pages, two pieces of paper front and back. while the people were waiting in
6:37 pm
line, this is the ballot they were waiting in line for the chance to fill out. do you want to see what the ballot looks like this year? bigger and it's six pages on three pieces of paper. they call them cards for voting, but it's six pages. there are 15 referendum questions. they are printed in full. these are not summaries. the ballot is 2500 words long. that's not even voting for people. we're talking 2500 words plus of just the other ballot questions that aren't about candidates and who is running for president and senator. look at this page. can you find the ballot question on this page? yes. at the bottom. you're supposed to mark at the bottom. and tampa's ballot, this ballot is actually quite short compared to some of the other ones. the ballot in miami-dade this
6:38 pm
year is ten pages, ten giant pages filled with tiny type. it's happening all over the state. the election supervisor in monroe county calls the ballot there, a monster. in pinellas county, the election supervisor says this is the longest ballot i can remember. the voter who sees this the first time may need smelling salts. the huge ballots take awhile to read and fill out. then you have to stand there and scan it in. page after page. and even before this year's monster ballots, florida knows they have a problem with long lines to vote. with the monster ballots set to slow things down even further this year, what is the state of florida done to make sure everybody can get through the voting lines? they have cut early voting days. in 2008 hundreds of thousands voted early in florida. turn up in florida went up by 800,000 people. and this guy, the democratic
6:39 pm
candidate for president won florida and won the election. now that guy is on the ballot again this year. so they are not going to make the same mistake. who knows if it's connected, but florida's republican governor for this it election cut the days for early voting almost in half. yesterday a federal judge removed the last hurdle to florida's new law. it's true. florida voters are going to have fewer days this year when they can cast a ballot this big. even though the ballot they have to cast is totally, unprecedently giant. a new poll from the florida times union finds the president with a slim lead over mitt romney in florida. the lead is built on support from african-american voters and hispanic voter who is are going for obama by 32 points. a new report from the nonpartisan advancement project details legal changes put in place by republican state officials for this election. changes that it will make it harder to vote in those states. voter purges and curtailing
6:40 pm
early voting and making it harder to register and showing documentation and that not all legal voters have, voting changes have made vote iing har in ways the advancement project says could keep ten million latino citizens from registering. in the swing states of colorado, florida, and virginia they affect more hispanic voters than the entire margin of democratic victory in 2008. hold on. there's more. challenge the need for such heavy measures with olay. regenerist micro-sculpting serum for firmer skin in 5 days. pretty heavy lifting for such a lightweight. [ female announcer ] olay regenerist. i'm also a survivor of ovarian a writand uterine cancers. i even wrote a play about that. my symptoms were a pain in my abdomen and periods that were heavier and longer than usual for me. if you have symptoms that last two weeks or longer,
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is it time to reconsider foreign aid to countries where many of the people don't want us around? >> how would you as president manage the continuing issues of the arab spring differently? >> would you consider the current egyptian regime an ally of the united states? >> should the castro brothers worry about a romney presidency? >> what would you tell latino families looking at you asking for realexeiing, what about us? >> what's your plan to reach latinos and why are you so far below president obama in preference? >> that was all jose doiadiazba
6:45 pm
lart. he is also host of the sunday morning public affairs show and he joins us tonight for the interview. welcome. it's nice to have you here. thank you. >> i'm living a dream by being on your show. >> flattery will get you everywhere. congratulations on those interviews. i learned a lot from watching them. in thiz conversation with you, president obama predicted the republican party would need to make changes. they would be forced to reevaluate some thing pchs do you think republicans are going to come to agree with that? >> they better. they better. let's talk about the hispanic community for a minute. 20 million could be eligible to vote. 12 million will vote this next november. if a political party believes they can ignore, turn their back or not even deal with some of the the main issues, a large group of voters really cares
6:46 pm
about, if any political party believes they can just ignore that issue, i was born in fort lauderdale, i have some land they can build high-rises on if they think they can ignore that population. every month in the united states of america, 50,000 latino kids turn 18 years of age. 18 equals potential voters. and you know what? they are watching and they are listening to what political leaders are saying and doing and not doing. so you know, this is an important issue that i think the president, you know, spoke of it very specifically. they better realize both political parties better realize this is a force not going away and it's only going to get bigger, as big as 50,000 new potential voters every month. >> i think the democrats take comfort in the margins that they have with latino voters nationwide looking broadly at that population.
6:47 pm
but every time you talk to republicans about it, they say, yeah, but it's a sleeping jiebt jientd. there are 21 million people eligible to vote, but we are expecting only 12 million of them to turn out to vote. is there a key to unlocking latino voter enthusiasm and turn out in registration? >> ask sharon angle why she's not a senator in nevada. let's talk about enthusiasm there and ask harry reid why he continues to be the leader of the senate in this country and who helped him win reelection. and some say it wasn't as much harry reid winning reelection as sharon angle losing an election where immigration was center of the discussion for many months. i've got to tell you something. the big issue that president obama needs to worry about, and is worried about as far as the latino community is concerned, is that they will come out to vote. no one doubts the numbers.
6:48 pm
the nbc "wall street journal" poll every month shows, as a matter of fact, the gap increasing. more latinos are supporting obama than they are romney month after month after month. but i am not convinced that they are all going to come out to vote for a number of reasons this coming november. >> in terms of what would move them? do you think it's policy or something about the way the campaigns are trying to goose that turn out? >> i think policy has a lot to do with it. the dpefred action to help maybe 1.5 million young kids that know no other country but this country that are willing to serve in the armed forces and give their life for this country, don't even speak the language from the country they were originally brought from with no decision on their part, their parents brought them in. those kids, for example, are now being able to come out from under the shadows of fear and darkness in this country.
6:49 pm
even it's a two-year period, but it helps. these are the issues that are going to have a lot to do with the elections. >> jose, i have been a long-time fan of yours. i hope you come back. it was great to have you. >> it's a pleasure to be with you. president obama addressed the united nations general assembly here in new york today, which should have done something it did not do in our politics. that's next. [ male announcer ] the 2013 smart comes with 8 airbags, a crash management system and the world's only tridion safety cell which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on safety.
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6:53 pm
i accept people are going to call me awful things every day. and i will always defend their right to do so. president obama speaking today at the u.n. here in new york. one of the times on the presidential trail you get the advantage of the incumbency thing. speaking as head of state, addressing other state, getting to talk about yourself as commander in chief. although he was campaigning, there's nothing like those optics for the guys who are running to replace him. still they're doing what they automatic to be doing. paul ryan also in ohio this week. >> here's the killer. president obama just the other day, he said on tv that i can't change washington from the inside. why do we send presidents to the white house in the first place?
6:54 pm
isn't that why we send presidents to washington, to change washington? >> this is parentally the new thing that president obama said it's hard to change washington from the inside. mitt romney is on record saying the exact same thing on the presidential campaign trail, but apparently they want it to be a scandal. which of course is ridiculous. but i highlight that speech for the reason other than the hypocrisy of the dumb change in washington line. and the reason i highlight it is because paul ryan new stump speech is now tentatively branching out into foreign policy. kind of. >> i mean, turn on the tv and it remind you of 1979 tehran, but they're burning our flags in capitals all around the world. they're storming our embassies. we've lost four of our diplomats and what is the signal that our government is sending the world.
6:55 pm
>> paul ryan wants to look like president obama is one-term jimmy cartier and paul ryan would be cast as ronald reagan. but it's notable that he's even trying in a campaign that's been unwilling and unable to engage america in the larger world. he's finally trying to do it. in terms of what they're going to do, on even just say the issue of war we're in right now, they have really been unwilling to engage. maybe this means they'll start. so far, i mean, famously mr. romney didn't mention the war in afghanistan at all. he explained in speeches like that you don't go through a laundry list. you go through things that are important. the war wasn't important to him. but it's not just specifically afghanistan. here's another one. if you go to mitt romney's website right now and you type
6:56 pm
the word drones into the search box on the website because you want to know his position. you will find three results. three. one result is mr. romney criticizing mr. obama after a drone crashed in iran. then there's a policy paper criticizing the obama administration for talking about drones to news outlets like "the new york times" and you have one of the is your gates for killing osama bin laden. if you want to know what his policy is, by using flying killer robots to do it, the answer is that he also thinks killing bin laden was a good idea. he wouldn't crash one in iran. any questions? it is days like this when you realize that however important this presidential campaign is and this decision is, that we as a country have to make between these two candidates, our
6:57 pm
politics are essentially failing right now. they're essentially impotent now for debating questions like this one. choosing between candidates is supposed to be the way we choose between policies in important thing that affect or country including national security. but our politics have been allowed to shrink if one side doesn't want to talk about it, we're not going to debate it as a country. let people in washington figure it out. a new report out today says our secret drone policy, which we've been implementing for the better part of a decade, may be radicalizing the residents with a radical country. we're not going to debate that at all. that's not a policy matter that's bort some national discussion. no competing ideas about maybe a choing in course. this is what the democratic president is doing. the republican party has no competing ideas on this aat all?
6:58 pm
nothing to say? with this policy, due process that we afford people, that we kill people, the due process ultimately consists of the president of the united states making the call. but we are in the process of picking who's going to be the next president and we're not asking where these two men stand on that issue or if they think they should have that power. if that power should exist. if we're not going to ask these questions now. look at this week. you have president obama at the un talking about the policy of pakistan and hillary clinton meeting the president of pack is an on the same day. you have the developing story of the drone attack yesterday that
6:59 pm
killed a al qaeda leader. and you have a presidential campaign. but the conversation when it comes to this stuff is he seems like jimmy carter. i read that he was a one-term president once. really? that's all you've got. how about this. what would you do differently if the answer is we'd be stronger, that's not an answer. we deserve a politics that is dapable of giving us choices or setting up a debate about competing reasonable ideas about handling the controversial things the government does in our names. i know what the obama administration's position is on afghanistan. because he's the president. i have no idea what mitt romney would do different in afghanistan, if anything. i know what the obama's administration is on drones. i frankly find that position hair raising. i know what the obama administration's position is on